Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We have had such a good summer. Its werid that its over allready. We went to the cabin a few times it was alot of fun> i wish we could have gone more. We also had are sixth year wedding anniversary. Its crazy it been that long its gone by so fast. And I'm still crazy about Bryce!

This is Reece and lynlee. There fam lives across from us and they are moving in October. We are so sad. I'm sure going to miss are blizzard runs.this outfit that Reece is wearing was mine when i was little and i have a pic of me in it and we look so much alike. But she is much cuter. This is Bryce's brother Brett. Yes we have cut his long hair sense this pic. He is so funny with Reece he wants her to start wakeboarding that's all he talks to her about.