Sunday, September 20, 2009

The whole summer

I don't know how to turn the pictures so they look funny. I haven't blogged the whole summer its been so busy so here is what we have been doing. This is Reece trying on Bryce's boots.
This was at rosspark we went there alot this summer Reece loved it she loved watching all the kids playing in the water.
Reece loves shoes everyday she takes out all my shoes and trys them on. she really likes the red ones!

Bryce got Reece a cart thing for the back of the bike. so he went to walmart and got her a helmet. and he came home with a skateboard helmet o well Reece loves it.

This is Reece wearing her sock because she burnt her hand on the lawn mower it was so sad.

I had just go done giving Reece a bath and got her in her pjs. i started picking up her room and i heard a splash so i went in the bathroom and this is what i found.

We had a family reunion for my Yost side. It was in Island park at my uncles cabin it was so much fun. so these are so pictures from that.

Bryce's did awesome hula hooping!

This is craw fish i got for Bryce's 30Th birthday. we went to the cabin and eat a ton of food it was alot of fun . we had some friends and fam there so it was great.

The corn was awesome!

Nikki and Blair came up there it was so nice to have them there they are such wonderful friends. i couldn't have done the dinner with out Nikki's help. She did so much Thank You!! And in this pic Reece puked on Nikki about a Minuit after i took this pic i felt so bad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reece's 1st Birthday

Reece had her 1st birthday on June 3. It was so fun fun we had a little BBQ with some family and friends. Reece had fun but she had a hard time opening her presents. she wanted to play with each one she didn't want to move on to the next one. She got some great gifts and is having so much fun playing with them. This is Reece's cake that i made her. It was so much fun to make. And it turned out better than i thought it would. And it tasted great i ate some after she was done with it.
She didn't really dig in to the cake like i thought she would. She eat all the jr mints and them the liquorish then she finally got to the cake. She would just get a little frosting on her finger and then lick it but that's all she did i don't even think she tasted the cake. My dad thought it was supper cute!

Yes red frosting dose stain she looked like she had a sun burn for a week.

My Little girl i cant believe she is one. I have so much fun with her everyday. Shes great she lets me work all day and hardly ever crys. And whenever she sees me she gives me a big hug and lots of kisses. And she laughs at everything i say and do its great. everyone should have a girl like her around. We are so blessed to have her in are home!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easter (alittel late) and freinds

We stayed at beau and Kristina's house when we were in salt lake. It was fun they are always so nice to let us stay. We went to a park and feed the birds. Reece liked all the birds. The bird poop not so fun!!

We went to dinner with some of the friends. Its always so fun to see them i just wish we lived in the same town. It was fun seeing the kids together.

I love Anna!

Where is Kevin?

I thought this pic was so cute Kristin's girl is combing her hair with a fork like on the lttle mermaid.

This was Reece's Easter dress. My aunt Nancy gave it to her she always gets her the cutest dresses.

Reece loves to vacuum with Bryce and i love that Bryce is vacuuming!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cutting my hair

Well after about a month of going back and forth on whether to cut my hair or not, I finally just did it. And I'm so glad i did. I thought i would miss it but i haven't yet. Brit cut it she did a great job!

This is Bryce's horse Babe. She was his first horse. He gave her away last week. She couldn't go hunting anymore because of a hurt knee. So he gave her to a guy that needed a kids horse. So sad!

My sister gave this piano to Reece and she loves it so much. It is her favorite toy she will sit and play it for so long. She is getting so big!

My aunt Nancy came down a few weeks ago to see us(mostly just Reece). I love this picture.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

V-day and Lauiziana

We went to Louisiana for about a week to see my wonderfull sister and her family. It was so nice to see all of them. My nices and nephus are so fun and cute. It was realy nice to be there. My sisters house just got rebilt after hurican katrina. so we went to go see how nice it turned out. She has done such a good job with the house. it was beautifull.

Reece is eating a crawfish she just grabed it and started sucking. Looks good!! We got 40lbs of crawfish for dinner one night. It was so much fun. Everyone eat so much.

We went to a boat pairad. It was lots of fun instead of candy they threw beads. This pic is of bryce and billy getting beads out of the tree. Billy and Rene came from Texas for a few days. It was great to see them we miss them living across the street. I dont know who to barow food from anymore. And there girls have gotten so big and even cuter.

Bryce was loving the aligaters.

Savannah is holding one of the catfish bryce cought.

This is Travis with a dead alligator bryce found.

This is my sisters back yard Bryce fished the hole time.

This is Savannah and katie they are so cute.

I haven't been very good about keeping up on my blog. So this is just a bunch of stuff that has been going on in the last month. This is Reece on Valintines day. Nikki made her this supper cute tou-tou. So i had to take some pics.