Sunday, September 20, 2009

The whole summer

I don't know how to turn the pictures so they look funny. I haven't blogged the whole summer its been so busy so here is what we have been doing. This is Reece trying on Bryce's boots.
This was at rosspark we went there alot this summer Reece loved it she loved watching all the kids playing in the water.
Reece loves shoes everyday she takes out all my shoes and trys them on. she really likes the red ones!

Bryce got Reece a cart thing for the back of the bike. so he went to walmart and got her a helmet. and he came home with a skateboard helmet o well Reece loves it.

This is Reece wearing her sock because she burnt her hand on the lawn mower it was so sad.

I had just go done giving Reece a bath and got her in her pjs. i started picking up her room and i heard a splash so i went in the bathroom and this is what i found.

We had a family reunion for my Yost side. It was in Island park at my uncles cabin it was so much fun. so these are so pictures from that.

Bryce's did awesome hula hooping!

This is craw fish i got for Bryce's 30Th birthday. we went to the cabin and eat a ton of food it was alot of fun . we had some friends and fam there so it was great.

The corn was awesome!

Nikki and Blair came up there it was so nice to have them there they are such wonderful friends. i couldn't have done the dinner with out Nikki's help. She did so much Thank You!! And in this pic Reece puked on Nikki about a Minuit after i took this pic i felt so bad.