Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cutting my hair

Well after about a month of going back and forth on whether to cut my hair or not, I finally just did it. And I'm so glad i did. I thought i would miss it but i haven't yet. Brit cut it she did a great job!

This is Bryce's horse Babe. She was his first horse. He gave her away last week. She couldn't go hunting anymore because of a hurt knee. So he gave her to a guy that needed a kids horse. So sad!

My sister gave this piano to Reece and she loves it so much. It is her favorite toy she will sit and play it for so long. She is getting so big!

My aunt Nancy came down a few weeks ago to see us(mostly just Reece). I love this picture.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

V-day and Lauiziana

We went to Louisiana for about a week to see my wonderfull sister and her family. It was so nice to see all of them. My nices and nephus are so fun and cute. It was realy nice to be there. My sisters house just got rebilt after hurican katrina. so we went to go see how nice it turned out. She has done such a good job with the house. it was beautifull.

Reece is eating a crawfish she just grabed it and started sucking. Looks good!! We got 40lbs of crawfish for dinner one night. It was so much fun. Everyone eat so much.

We went to a boat pairad. It was lots of fun instead of candy they threw beads. This pic is of bryce and billy getting beads out of the tree. Billy and Rene came from Texas for a few days. It was great to see them we miss them living across the street. I dont know who to barow food from anymore. And there girls have gotten so big and even cuter.

Bryce was loving the aligaters.

Savannah is holding one of the catfish bryce cought.

This is Travis with a dead alligator bryce found.

This is my sisters back yard Bryce fished the hole time.

This is Savannah and katie they are so cute.

I haven't been very good about keeping up on my blog. So this is just a bunch of stuff that has been going on in the last month. This is Reece on Valintines day. Nikki made her this supper cute tou-tou. So i had to take some pics.