Wednesday, June 18, 2008


She was born June 3rd at 12:48 am. She was 6lbs and 21" . I don't know if she was really that long or if it was just the cone head, because at the doctor a week later she was only 19". We named her Reece Afton Bybee. Afton is after my Grandma Yost she was wonderful so i have always wanted to use her name. And Reece is after my grandpa Davis. So i hope she likes her name! she has been so fun and is so cute. She hardly ever crys at least for now. Bryce is just crazy about her it is so cute to watch. He is a wonderful dad. He spends every spar second he has holding her and trying to get her to smile at him. He has even skipped out on boating to be with her that's amazing! He finally found something he loves more that boating.