Monday, November 3, 2008

bryce hunting and everything eles thats happend in the last 2 mounths

you can totally tell she is my kid she flares her nostrils just like me.
Here are some pics of Reece she is getting so big she is 5 months old to day. she is so much fun i don't get anything done cuaz i just want to play with her all day!

We had a fun Halloween my dad came down to see Reece, we took her trick or treating to my moms house then Bryce's parents came down from salt lake to see her in her costume. She hated being in her costume but see looked so cute.

Bryce went hunting for about 2 weeks. it sucked being alone. Here is the elk he got. I told Bryce i would try some elk this year but after seeing it hanging in my garage for a week i think i might change my mind.