Thursday, May 14, 2009

Easter (alittel late) and freinds

We stayed at beau and Kristina's house when we were in salt lake. It was fun they are always so nice to let us stay. We went to a park and feed the birds. Reece liked all the birds. The bird poop not so fun!!

We went to dinner with some of the friends. Its always so fun to see them i just wish we lived in the same town. It was fun seeing the kids together.

I love Anna!

Where is Kevin?

I thought this pic was so cute Kristin's girl is combing her hair with a fork like on the lttle mermaid.

This was Reece's Easter dress. My aunt Nancy gave it to her she always gets her the cutest dresses.

Reece loves to vacuum with Bryce and i love that Bryce is vacuuming!!!


Rosa said...

I can't believe how fast Reece is growing. Her hair is so gorgeous!!! She is a cutie!

Crazy Campbells said...

Your daughter is so cute and the Easter dress is adorable. I love the new haircut as well. I cut mine short and I don't miss it either.

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

beck im so glad we got to hang out that day:) dude how do you get yours to clean house? sereously its a miracle to see a man do housework.

Stephensen's said...

Wow, you have a mini me! I want to meet her. How are you? I would love to meet up with you sometime, when we are in town. Your family is adorable! I love that you named your daughter Reece... so freakin' cute. I started a blog so we need to keep in touch.
Hailey (Beard) Stephensen... I am the "Stephensen's" now :)

Anna said...

Do you only have crappy pictures of me?! haha
That was lots of fun to go with everyone. Move to utah. Ok? Move here yesterday.
Miss you.

ps- I will kidnap Reece when you are not looking. She is adorable!!